Adam Morrison has an 'apocalypse bunker' with guns, food


Paranoid former Gonzaga star Adam Morrison has an apocalypse bunker.

Losing in the Sweet Sixteen isn’t the only thing that causes Adam Morrison to become unhinged.

The former Gonzaga standout turned NBA bust is apparently paranoid that the end of the world is imminent, because he has an apocalypse bunker stocked with food and guns.

Gonzaga forward Kyle Wiltjer revealed the disturbing information about Morrison on the Pardon My Take podcast.

“The guy is fully equipped if there was an apocalypse,” Wiltjer said. “He could survive everything.”

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Gonzaga forward Kyle Wiltjer said Morrison told him the bunker is equipped with guns and food.

What exactly is Morrison so afraid of?

“He thinks something is going down with politics… He thinks everyone is corrupt,” Wiltjer said.

Morrison isn’t completely bonkers when it comes to believing something whacky is happening in politics, as Donald Trump continues to win over GOP voters, but holing up in an underground bunker doesn’t seem like a long-term solution.

Wiltjer said he hasn’t visited the site yet.

“I haven’t fully seen it. I’ve just heard the myth,” he said. “I’ve talked to him about it, but he’s definitely fully equipped if anything went down.”


Wiltjer hasn’t seen the bunker yet, but he said he’ll be there if the sky starts falling.

After a stellar career at Gonzaga ended in a heartbreaking Sweet Sixteen loss to UCLA, Morrison was picked third in the NBA draft but never panned out. His eccentricities became well known around the league when Jared Dudley told The Washington Post that he and his teammates had to force Morrison to take showers.

Wiltjer admitted that he and Morrison remain good friends, and that ultimately, the joke could be on all of us.

“If anything does go down, you guys are gonna be laughing because I’ll be in his bunker,” Wiltjer said.

He’d better bring some air freshener.

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