Gollive.com are committed to your privacy.
The terms detailed below are the basis on which we hold personal information about you.

Personal Information – Collection
We do not collect your personal information when you simply browse our website. During the process of delivering an information to you via our website, Gollive.com does not collect any personally identifiable information about you such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address etc…

For the time beeing we do not require personal information at all.

However, Gollive.com may or may not obtain some types of non-personally identifiable information such as the Internet Service Provider you use to connect to the Internet, your browser type, the type of computer operating system you use (Macintosh or Windows, for example), or what screen resolution do you use.

The information collected by Gollive.com via Google Analytics* is used for the purpose of improving your browsing experience on our website. In some cases, you may voluntarily provide personal information in response to a survey, registering for an online competiton, signing up for a newsletter or personalizing your Gollive.com pages.

If this does occur, Gollive.com will never, under no circumstances, use such personal information for any purposes other than the ones you have provided them for.

Personal Information – Contact Forms
Our Web site’s contact form requires visitors to give us contact information (like their name, email, etc). Contact information from the registration forms is used only to get in touch with the visitor when necessary and only upon his/her request. It is in the visitors’ best interest to submit truthful information, as this is used to contact him/her.

Personal Information – Storage
The personal data may be collected by us is only the one provided through contact forms and will be evaluated periodically to determine whether we should continue to hold it.

Personal Information – Use of
We will only use the personal information you may provide to us in the future only for communicating with you or notifying you of information relating to our and services.

Personal Information – Disclosure
We do not disclose your personal information to third parties unless this is required by law. Further we do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others as we’ll never do in the future.

We may only provide aggregate statistics about visitors, browsing statistics, traffic patterns and related site information to reputable third party vendors but these will not include any personal identifying information.

Cookies – What are they?
Gollive.com, as well as most sites on the Internet, uses “cookies” to enhance your experience on the web.
Gollive.com cannot use these cookies to personally identify you in any way.

A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to your browser from a World Wide Web Server.
This block of data can be anything, a unique user ID generated by the server, the current date and time, the IP Address of where the browser is logged onto the net or any other chunk of data that you want.

After a browser receives a cookie it will then send that cookie to the server that set it whenever it is appropriate and required/requested. The browser will only send the cookie to the server that originally set it.
This means that the server can’t tell if your browser has cookies that other sites have sent.

An HTTP Cookie cannot be used to get data from your hard drive, get your email address or steal sensitive information about your person.
The Gollive.com Web Server(s) will send a Cookie to a Client system when our adserver serves an ad in order to record unique ID associated with this ad so that should you decide to click on the ad, your browserknows which advertiser’s web page to redirect you to.

We may or may not also use cookies to enhance your experience on our website (personalization,…). We believe cookies to be harmless, and will eventually be to everyone’s benefit (end users, as well as site builders).

If you do not want the benefit of cookies, there is a simple procedure to manually delete your cookies. Please consult your web browser’s Help documentation for more information.

Read more about our Cookies Policy

Your Consent
By using Gollive.com (website), you consent to our collection and use of your non personal data for the purposes set out above. In the event that we decide to change our privacy policy we will post such changes on this page in order that you are always aware of the information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it.

* Google Analytics TOS

Cookies Policy

The Gollive.com website (the “Website”) uses cookies to collect information and deliver a better and more personalized service to users. By using the Website, you give Gollive.com permission to use these cookies.
This Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how they are used on the Website and how to manage their use.

What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small text files containing small amounts of information which are sent to and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device when you access a website. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit or to another website that recognizes that cookie. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user’s device.

You can find more information about cookies at www.allaboutcookies.org. A video about cookies can be found at www.google.co.uk/goodtoknow/data-on-the-web/cookies.

Use of Cookies on the Website
Cookies are used on the Website for a number of reasons. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(i) to allow visitors to choose preferences;

(ii) to monitor and remember visitors’ preferences;

Cookies are generally used to improve and enhance the user experience. Some of the cookies we use are essential for the Website to operate.

LiveScores.cc’s use of cookies on the Website falls into the category of:

Functionality – these cookies store information that enables us to remember user preferences e.g. preferred timezone, sort types and favourite leagues and matches. They are also used to improve user’s experience by, for example, stopping visitors from being shown unwanted sports events.

These are our functionality cookies that save your settings:

– startpage = Default Start Page
– timezone = Default Timezone
– favleague = Selection of My Favorite Leagues
– favmatch = Selection of My Favorite Matches
– g_sort = Sort Order of Feeds
– scoreline = Show Scoreline/Hide Scoreline

Third Paries Cookies
LiveScores.cc use Google Analytics to track and monitor traffic and vistor’s statistics. Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website and use cookies. All information about Google Analytics cookies can be found at: https://developers.google.com/analytics/resources/concepts/gaConceptsCookies

Gollive.com does not use any other 3rd party tracking cookies.

Cookies for Adverts
Where links and/or text ads and/or banner ads are provided on the Website to third party websites it is important to remember that those ads and websites may have their own tracking or other cookies and privacy policies which will govern any information you may submit.

These cookies are usualy used to show you adverts relevant to you and your interests and/or limit the number of times you see an advert, as well as help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They are usually placed by advertising networks and they remember that you have visited a website and you have seen their adverts.

They are also used for “Tracking” – these cookies enable them to store information about how visitors landed on their websites and they may need to record this so that they can appropriately pay their Affiliates.

If you decide to click on any ad and/or use any linked third party websites please read their cookies and privacy policies before doing so. We accept no responsibility for any kind of third party’s cookies use.

Managing Cookies
If you want to delete any cookies already stored on your computer or stop the cookies that keep track of your browsing patterns on the Website you can do so by deleting your existing cookies and/or altering your browser’s privacy settings (the process you follow will differ from browser to browser). If you would like more information on how to disable cookies or change your privacy settings please visit www.allaboutcookies.org. Your browser’s ‘help’ function should also tell you how to do this.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. More about our cookies